Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

“Why is my hair falling out?” – many people ask this question. And, despite the fact that men tend to consider the bald patch a sign of great intelligence, in fact, baldness indicates specific problems in the human body, in men, women and children, and hair is falling out only confirms this point. However, unlike traditional medicine, home remedies for hair loss do not harm the body, and therefore, when treating hair, it is more appropriate to refer to them. With women losing hair more often than men. So let’s turn to the best advices and try to restore your hair.

The leading causes of hair loss

This is a natural process, both for men and women who do not have health problems. However, if hair falls out in large quantities and the process of baldness begins, it is worthwhile to think about the reasons for this situation and use special means. What affects our hair?

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  1. Stresses – act on all systems of organs, including hair. Overwork, lousy sleep and appetite, smoking and alcohol, nerves lead to chronic hair loss, against which it will be difficult to fight by any means. Women and men are experiencing this problem, but it is still possible to get rid of falling out.
  2. Hormonal failures in the body. Of course, this cause can be observed only in women, and these violations are associated with the use of contraceptives, menopause or puberty, as well as the postpartum period. Even home remedies, in this case, can not always help in the struggle for the beauty of hair.
  3. Diseases of the thyroid gland also lead to hair loss. And, in this case, people’s remedies for treatment will be ineffective.
  4. The same applies to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and infections. Against hair loss, along with home methods will help drugs that eliminate the very cause. Meet such problems can occur in women and men.

Essential Bay Oil

Bay essential oil – namely so correctly called the healing oily juice, obtained from the bark of the exotic tree bay – is indeed a unique tool for the health of hair. It appeared on sale relatively recently but has already proved to be highly effective in combating hair loss.

Aromatic oil Bay has the following types of therapeutic effects on the hair:

  • Strengthens hair follicles and prevents loss of hair as a result of mechanical damage;
  • Penetrates the hair along the entire length, thickens them and smoothes scales;
  • Has anti-allergic and detoxifying effect;
  • Eliminates dandruff, fights with dryness and scaling of the scalp.

It is sufficient to add bay oil to any cosmetic hair care products to achieve a pronounced effect: shampoos, balms, masks, based on 10 ml of oil per 100 ml of product. If you are making a natural home hair mask, just drop one drop of aromatic bay oil into it.

In addition to the relative rarity of this essential oil, many stops using its specific odor. It is powerful, and, according to people, is a nuclear mixture of laurel leaves, cloves and fragrant pepper. Someone seems such an odor unbearable, but those who love the smell of spices, usually do not experience discomfort during the treatment of hair with this essential oil.

Chily pepper from hair loss

In addition to those hair follicles that a person has involved, there are also those that are in a quiescent condition or have lost the ability to grow hair with time, under the influence of internal and external adverse factors or mechanical damage. To wake up and activate all the follicles, sometimes you have to resort to radical remedies, one of which is tincture of red hot peppers.

When the pepper comes on the scalp, it has a local warming and stimulating effect. The intensity of exposure depends on the proportions. In any case, to treat hair loss, you will need the tincture itself, which can be purchased at the pharmacy or manufactured independently.

One bottle of pharmacy peppers costs about fifteen rubles, but it only lasts for 3-4 applications. Therefore, if you are going to treat hair long and regularly, it makes sense to prepare the drug at home.

The recipe for making hot pepper. Take 5-7 pods of red hot pepper, you can fresh, or you can and dried. Cut them across pieces of 1 cm wide, fold them into a glass jar with a twist cap, pour half a liter of vodka or medical alcohol, tightly seal and press for 14 days in a dark, cool place, periodically shaking. Pour the pepper carefully, pour into a convenient glass container and put it in storage in the refrigerator cabinet or door.

Mask for hair with tincture of capsicum. Mix 1 tablespoon of pepper with the same amount of warmed castor oil and any hair balm. Divide the hair into long two cm-wide corks and apply the mask to the roots of the hair with a large cotton swab. Do not rub the compound into the skin, make light pro mapping movements. Then wrap the head with a cellophane film, put a woolen hat on top, soak the mask for 30 minutes and wash the head with a mild shampoo.

Recommendations for the treatment of hair loss with chili:

  • If you feel unbearable burning, immediately wash off the mask and the next time add less tincture or dilute it with water;
  • The complete absence of a warming effect indicates that the pepper is overdue or incorrectly stored – in heat and an open container;
  • Tincture based on alcohol can be diluted with water. Smaller concentrations will not have a pronounced therapeutic effect;
  • Masks using only pepper and water, or infusions of medicinal herbs can be applied only to normal and oily hair. When dry, always add some oil to the mask;
  • Tincture of hot pepper cannot be used if the scalp is damaged, inflamed, covered with wounds, scratches or ulceration;
  • The frequency of application of masks based on the tincture of a hot pepper depends on the desired effect: it is simple to strengthen and thicken enough once a week, with hair loss it is necessary to do the procedures 2-3 times a week, and severe baldness requires daily treatment for 2-3 months.

Head massage with salt from hair loss

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This technique of hair treatment has been known since ancient times, and although modern medicine does not recognize it, thousands of people to this day successfully combat baldness with the help of ordinary salt. For the sake of justice, we note that not every salt is suitable for massage of the scalp. For example, the salt of excellent milling cannot exert a pronounced stimulating effect on the hair follicles. However, it is not only the size and shape of the crystals but also the chemical composition of the product.

The most effective salt against hair loss is a pink Himalayan salt with a high content of minerals. It is recommended to use it also for cooking instead of table salt to enhance the therapeutic effect.

Natural crystalline sea salt has the following types of therapeutic effects on the hair:

  • Abrasive – during the massage, the crystals exfoliate the outer cornified layer of the scalp and stimulate the renewal of the epidermis at the cellular level;
  • Cleansing – saline solution perfectly absorbs all the debris accumulated on the scalp: dust, dirt, remnants of cosmetic products;
  • Transport – because massage with crystalline salt opens the pores, removes dead cells and stimulates blood circulation, any medicinal products applied to the skin during the procedure get better inside and have a more pronounced therapeutic effect;
  • Nutrient – chlorine and iodine contained in sea salt, dry hair, but when applied exclusively to the skin these minerals benefit, not harm. Very useful for hair also sodium, magnesium, calcium, strontium and bromine;
  • Antiseptic – the minerals chlorine and iodine have a harmful effect on bacteria and fungi, and, therefore, contribute to the elimination of dandruff.

Oil of black cumin from hair loss

This oil is a concentrated elixir of nutrients, amino acids, lipids, vitamins and minerals, with which you can strengthen hair and stop their loss even in the latest stages of alopecia. In the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, black cumin oil is widely used for the production of therapeutic shampoos, balms and masks, as well as rejuvenating face and body creams. However, instead of spending a lot of money on ready-made products, you can buy a black cumin oil in a pharmacy and use it during home health procedures.

Black cumin oil has the following types of healing effects on the scalp and hair:

  • Strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles, saturates them with vitamins, amino acids and enzymes;
  • Prevents mechanical damage to hair during combing and wearing headgear;
  • Protects hair from the damaging effects of sunlight;
  • Compensates the consequences of using harmful, aggressive cosmetics;
  • Promotes the processes of cellular regeneration and activates dormant hair follicles.

This is a very concentrated product, so even with substantial hair loss, black cumin oil should be used carefully and dosed. If you add it to the composition of natural home masks, consider that the share of oil should not exceed 20% of the total mass of the therapeutic product. Strengthen the healing effect can be by taking black cumin oil inside, one teaspoon three times a day for 10-15 minutes before meals.

Treatment of hair with black cumin oil is carried out in courses of 4-6 weeks with similar interruptions since taking this drug on a permanent basis will lead to supersaturation of the body with biologically active substances. There are no direct contraindications to this method of strengthening the hair, but sometimes there are cases of individual intolerance and allergies to oil of black cumin.

How you can help your hair?

Homef remedies for hair loss, of course, are effective, but it is better not to bring the situation to this problem at all. It is necessary not to fight against this, but to carry out preventive measures aimed at maintaining the hair.

Proper, balanced nutrition is the prevention of many diseases, and following the well-known rules, hair treatment may not be necessary. For good, healthy hair, you need an optimal ratio of protein and fat, and you should not give up carbohydrates. Well, vitamins, especially group B play a significant role in hair health.

As in both men and women, the emotional state is an essential factor. Stress and depression can lead to baldness, which in the future is very difficult to give in to any treatment. Of course, to have shiny, thick hair, you need to follow the general health. As already mentioned above, many diseases lead to baldness and then the question of treatment from hair loss becomes the most urgent for a person.

By the way, reviews of many users of the site about traditional medicine prove the effectiveness of funds from hair loss and hair growth. Thanks to such methods, they managed to get rid of hair loss ultimately, to acquire a luxurious head of hair, to increase hair growth. The sophisticated use of effective home remedies allows for a long time, and perhaps forever, to make progress in the treatment and save the person from hair loss.

What if there is no result?

People with severe forms of hair loss, for example, diffuse or androgenic alopecia. However, this does not prevent them from spending vast amounts of money on visits to private clinics to paid doctors and trichologists and buying expensive cosmetics. The more offensive and painful is a disappointment when even careful and accurate adherence to recommendations does not bring the expected result:

A qualified doctor is needed only for patients who ultimately lost their hair and could not restore them even with the help of years of persistent treatment. And they need a doctor just for the last resort – hair transplant. In all other cases, any person can independently cope with the problem of hair loss;

Entirely all expensive modern products from baldness have in their composition long and well-known components: extracts of medicinal plants, fruits and nuts, essential oils, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and so on. The treatment of hair loss by these components separately will bring you more benefit, and will save more money;

One can judge the effectiveness of this or that method of hair restoration only after a full (and sometimes repeated) treatment course, without omissions, indulgences and excuses.

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